House Party Hypnotist Shows

Hire a Hypnotist near you, have a show at your house

Hilarious, informal, comedy hypnotist stage shows for any kind of event or party.

Andy was great!! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their evening and he was very professional. Would definitely recommend hiring Andy for your event. Great value for money also!

Taylor Humm -


Watching a hypnotist hypnotise your firends and family, or even taking part yourself, is a mind blowing and astonishing experience. You might have been to a show before or seen shows on TV or online, but when it is happening to people you know it takes on a special magic.

G-rated and family friendly comedy shows and party event ideas!

Our houseparty hypnotists are clean, professional and will make your event special. You can book them through us because we can help them fill gaps in their busy professional schedules at a discounted rate. On the other hand we freely admit that you'll be hard pressed to book them for a Saturday night without paying full price. But if you ask about 2 weeks before your party, you might be lucky. Or if you are planning an afternoon event or something for a Sunday or weeknight. The main point is that there;'s no harm in asking if we have someone and the cost so go ahead and make contact.

"Our hypnotists love making people laugh."

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Why Book a HouseParty Hypnotist Your Event?

Our hypnotists are all seasoned professionals. You'll get an experienced stage performer who regularly does larger corporate events locally and internationally. But who is available to take on the day of your show.

Whether you are planning a small private birthday party, or a hens, bucks or just plain fun, we can help make the day special.

All you need to do is provide the venue, the people and the chairs (and a power outlet or two).

We will arrange the rest, and will make it easy for you to have a great time.

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Short  Notice

We love short notice bookings. That last minute decision. The rush of adrenaline as we get ourselves sorted to come to your event.

HouseParty Hypnotist shows are generally for smaller groups and let's be honest, most private parties simply aren't able to pay the usual rates a quality stage hypnotist will charge to perform hypnosis for a larger event. While short notice might seem to be a "problem", for us it is the solution to an empty spot in the bookings calendar.

So fitting your event into a gap in the schedule, or perhaps in the afternoon before another bigger show nearby. And sometimes simply on the day before or after we are in your area really works well for us, adn we pass that on to you as savings on the total cost of your show.

Around 3 weeks notice is ideal.